The GBPUSD Starts December in SSI Extremes

Talking Points

  • SSI is an placement tool estimating market opinion.
  • SSI might help judge strong marketplace trends.
  • The GBPUSD has already reached a intense bad reading to start out December trading.

SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) is a proprietary trading instrument to FXCM, provided to its customers through Blueforexinstitute PLUS. SSi is utilised to find out trading placement, and as soon as you’re familiar with the index it may be utilised to ensure fad on Forex pairs along with CFD contracts. Now the GBPUSD is still reading a intense -4.29. Now we’ll review just what this could mean to its previous month of this 2013 trading season.

Learn Forex — Current SSI Readings

SSI and also the Pound

As of Today we could see in the graph above that the SSI scanning to your GBPUSD has attained an intense reading of -4.29. As the amount reads drawback, this implies more places are more than 4 times the sum of short interest over the GBPUSD comparative to long placement.

The most important reason that the SSI scanning has now reached such extreme levels is largely because of this money pair’s strong tendency. Here you can easily see the GBPUSD trending up to 1692 pips higher in Julys non through this week’s top. Because most traders try to fade strong trends, SSI has be negative because the set proceeds to trade towards high highs.

Learn Forex — GBPUSD Daily Trend

(Created using FXCM’s Marketscope 2.0 graphs )

Trading the GBPUSD

Below we can see the Purchase Price of this GBPUSD with Time in Accordance with its SSI reading. Putting both elements jointly offer the trader a crystal clear concept of how they operate in tandem. Recognizing that, traders should try to proceed to seek out chances to get the GBPUSD as attention remains acutely negative.

As with any component within a present trading program, SSI should be continuously tracked. This is sometimes achieved through Blueforexinstitute PLUS at which it’s updated twice each day. If standing is still primarily web short, then this is sometimes regarded as an affirmation to this continuation of their present downtrend. But if SSI starts to progress and net short curiosity reduces that might possibly be obtained as an indication that the present up trend from the GBPUSD are temporarily arriving at some pause.

–Written by Walker England, Trading Instructor

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